Creative Valentine Box #7 - Television

My oldest decided to make her own box last year and made this cute television set that I thought I'd share.

Needed: Box, red/purple/pink construction paper, black sharpie marker, glue, 2-4 black pipe cleaners, knife, scissors, wax paper

1. Cut off the flaps of the box so that one side is entirely open.
2. Wrap the open end of the box with wax paper and tape the sides so it is flush with the top of the box.
3. Wrap the remaining sides of the box with red construction paper, wrapping paper or butcher paper.
4. Cut out pink, purple and red hearts and glue them to the sides of the box.
5. Using a knife, cut a rectangular slit out of the top of the box for valentines to go into.
6. Twist the pointed end of the knife around to create one hole on either side of the rectangle just big enough for pipe cleaners to go into.
7.  Slide pipe cleaners into the prepared holes and twist the tops of each pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart to create heart antennas.
8.  On a piece of purple construction paper, write what you desire.  Her television read: Happy Valentines from KUPD News (KUPD stands for Cupid)
9.  Add remaining cut out heart and arrows to the purple paper.
10. Glue purple paper gently on top of the wax paper as to not poke a hole. (I actually used photo mat glue because it is very sticky and you don't have to push hard)

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