Creative Valentine Box Ideas #1 - Gumball Machine

One of my kid's favorite things to do is make valentine boxes for school.  So, I try to keep a running file of ideas for future years.  Last year, we invented this bubblegum machine and it was a hit!  We kind of had a bubblegum theme going that year... (see my daughter's Halloween costume).
Supplies needed: Cracker box (or other cardboard box), pom poms, glitter glue, black permanent marker, red paint, 2 clear plastic bowls (I bought at the Dollar Store), Hot glue, colorful balls, milk carton lid.
1. Paint the box red.
2. Paint the milk lid red.
3.  Cut a opening in the box for valentines.
4.  Fill clear plastic bowl with balls.  Place other plastic bowl on top.  Stick together with hot glue.
5.  Decorate box with pom poms, glitter glue, "5 cents", name, stickers or anything else.
6.  Hot glue milk lid to top of bowl/ball structure.
7.  Hot glue bowl/ball structure to the box.

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