101+ Things to do in the Summertime by a 12 year old

I found this list of 101+ things to do this summer in my 12 year old's notebook.  (Some are repetitive of Rachel's Summer Boredom Busters that were geared to the younger years - the repeats are obviously ones that span a large age range of kids!)  What I love is that many of these are free and full of creative juices flowing all summer long.  We'll try to post some details and photos of the more unique ideas on here as we do them.  She's got some fun plans and I'm sure some of our readers would love to see them...
P.S. 46 is hilarious!

1. Lemonade Stand
2. Teach Dog Tricks
3. Go on at least 4 Family Hikes
4. Catch a snake or a frog
5. Press Flowers
6. Sew an outfit or something else
7. Go on an hour-long bug hunt
8. Add 6 big words to your vocabulary
9. Sleep outside under the stars at least once
10. Throw a carnival for the neighborhood kids
11. Puppet Show
12. Movie Night - in the backyard, at home or at the theater
13. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in one day
14. Water Fight!
15. Go Swimming once every 2 weeks
16. Write a Book
17. Make a Movie
18. Decorate a T-shirt
19. Cook 2 meals
20. Take a bike ride
21. Try out a new sport
22. Read a new book every week (Check out her list of book ideas)
23. Late Night with friends
24.  Collect and label 15 leaves
25. Make leaf prints
26. Conduct a Science experiment
27. Take a coin-flip trip
28. Complete a book of Soduku
29. Climb a tree (find a good one)
30. Complete a new piano piece every 2 weeks
31. BIG spring cleaning and donate to a good cause
32. Do alphabet photo scavenger hunt
33. Make a necklace
34. Have an at home spa day
35. Make an obstacle course - one for bikes too!
36. Service Project/Do a secret service
37. Have a magic show
38. Make a mural
39. Have a fun car wash (toy cars for the boys)
40. Rock climb
41. Visit grandparents and interview them
42. Write a letter to a far-away friend
43. Go Camping!
44. Run a race
45. Make up and perform up a play
46. Go a day without saying "like"
47. Go fishing
48. Make a new flavor of milkshake or slushie
49. Board Game Night
50. Create a slide for the microscope
51. Eat Healthy all day
52. Giant hopscotch
53. Creative olympics
54. Go to the Recreation Center
55. Go to the skate park
56. Picnic
57. Go to the lake/beach
58. No candy
59. Cousin sleepover
60. Find a good walking stick
61. Decorate flip-flops
62. 7/11 slushie day {On July 11th, they give out free slushies!}
63. Learn a new song to sing
64. Perform in a talent show
65.  Make a coloring book
66. Make flower clips
67. Tumbling Day
68. Carve something into wood
69. Go to a summer concert
70. Karaoke Night with friends
71. No electronics week
72. Photography hike
73. Volunteer as a service in the community
74.  Deliver Cookies secretly
75. Scrapbook
76. Draw a self-portrait
77. Magazine Collage
78. Run in the sprinklers
79. Go to a museum
81. Tye die
82. Camping in the backyard
83. Scavenger hunt
84. Geo cashing
85. Star gazing
86. Amusement park
87. Treasure hunt
88. Dance in the rain
89. Puddle jumping
90. Thrift store shopping
91. Bowling
92.Night Games
93. Go trailblazing
94. Go to a water park
95. Make up a new game
96. Find 5 good luck charms
97. Have a newspaper clothes fashion show
98. Build a sand castle/collect sea shells
99. Have a "photo booth" at home
100. Have a BBQ with homemade ice cream
102. Have a park passport to all parks in town
103. Build a Fort out of blankets, tables and things from home
104. Play croquet
105. Have a bike parade and decorate bikes
106. Have a homemade post office with brothers and sisters
107. Make homemade pizza
108. Make musical instrument and have a family band
109. Have a garage sale
111. Make a time capsule
112. Hula hoop contest - Don't Miss my sister and my hula hooping fun!
113. Have a rock hunt



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