Edible Icecream Bowls Made with Balloons!

My daughter made these the other night and I loved how simple, but cute they were!  A perfect treat for Valentine's Day, Birthday Parties, After School Snack or Summer fun!

1. In a bowl mix 1/2 bag chocolate chips with 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil and melt in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. Then stir chocolate and put in microwave another 30 seconds until fully melted.
2. Blow up mini water balloons.
3. On a cookie sheet, lay wax paper down.
4. With a spoon, put a circle of chocolate for each ballon you have (number of bowls you are making).
5. Dip each balloon in bowl of chocolate covering the bottom of the ballon entirely.
6. Place balloon in center of one of the chocolate circles on the tray.
7. Repeat process with all balloons.
8. Leave out to dry for 1 hour or until they are hard.
9. Pop balloons and throw all pieces away.
10. Serve ice cream and toppings in bowl and there you have it!



Cute Valentine Box Idea #19 - Vending Machine!

This Vending Machine was a huge hit - I had better pictures but lost them when my phone crashed! 

Large box
Light Red cardstock paper or wrapping paper.
Dark Red Cardstock to cut child's name letters out of and for hearts.
Saran Wrap
9 small boxes of candy
Knife or Scissors.

How to make:
1. Cut a large square out of the front of the box.
2. Cut a piece of Saran wrap the size of the front of the box and tape it to the inside of the box - make sure to tape it very well so it will hold up.
3. Glue or tape the 9 boxes of candy face out so that you can see all 9 of them from the front of the box.
4. Once the candy is laying down, cut another piece of saran wrap and put it behind the candy boxes. Secure this second piece of saran wrap very tightly to hold the boxes of candy in. Tape all around the saran wrap edges onto the inside of the box.
5. Close the box lid with tape or glue.
6. Wrap the box with red wrapping paper or red cardstock paper. Ideally entirely around the box if you have enough! Make sure not to cover the saran wrap area!
7. Cut a slit out of the top or side of the box to insert valentines.
8. Decorate the box with darker red, pink and/or purple hearts.  Cut out the letters of your child's name if desired and glue to the box.  Decorate to your hearts content!

This was a fun, unique box that my son was so happy about.  
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Valentine I "Chews" You Craft!

This is so SIMPLE, and so cute. You can do it to hand out as Valentines or as a craft in class or at the party.  Students cut out their heart out of red cardstock or red posterboard.  Then used zig-zag scissors to cut the heart in half.  Glue the top half to the top of the clothespin and the bottom half to the bottom of the clothespin.  Then glue two eyes on top and voila - you have a fun craft.  Valentine I "Chews" You!!

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