Valentine Classroom Party Game: Twister!

This game was so popular and fun at our party! We played it like the typical twister - where I had cards for the colors and cards for left hand, left foot, right hand and right foot. We pulled one color card and one hand/foot card out per turn and the kids had to follow the instructions. For example, if I pulled out a green card and the right hand, they put their right hand on the green heart. {We pulled the color and hand/foot cards out of Valentine lunch sacks, but it could be in any container}.  We continued until someone fell or it got too hard. I had 3 kids at a time on my board as it was small. Since my groups for the class party had 5 or 6 kids in them, whoever wasn't on the board, got to draw out the color cards and hand/foot cards.  They loved it! If I were to do it again, I might try to create a board on white butcher paper and laminate the whole thing for longevity as this was perfect for one day, but wouldn't last past that. It was very enjoyed.

Cute Valentine Box Idea #20 - Monster!

My friend posted this to die for and EASY Valentine box {Top} and said I could share it.  Then my sweet cousin posted the one on the bottom that is another cute and sassy monster. I think Monster boxes are all the talk this year! The older my kids get, the more I crave cute, but SIMPLE. Nothing more than some wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, construction paper and foam stickers. Oh and a little feather boa! Anyway, thought I would share in case you need something quick and simple!


Thrift Store Treasures: Homemade Halloween Costumes! Smartie Pants, Anne of Green Gables, Gypsy, Ghostly Girl and Mad Hatter

 In recent years, with 5 kids, we have moved towards trying to come up with cheap, creative homemade costumes. Because Halloween can add up! Here are a couple fun ones we did in recent years. Most everything was purchased from a thrift store OR found in our own house!

Smarty Pants: We bought glasses from the thrift store and popped the lenses out. The suspenders and red generic converse were also from the thrift store! Once we pulled out my daughter's jeans and a white button up shirt, all we had to do was throw in some pony tails and tape smarties to her pants. Super fun and easy!

I have got an AVID reader who was so excited to be Anne of Green Gables.  Other than the wig that we purchased at Halloween Costume shop (it was an Anna wig from Frozen), everything else was from the thrift store!
Straw Hat
Black combat boots
Floral Jumper
Tea Dyed underdress
Green sweater
This one got TONS of complements from all of the readers out there, especially the girls!

Other than my pink shirt underneath and multiple long necklaces/bracelets from my jewelry box, everything here came from the thrift store:
Belly Dancing skirt topper
To top it off, we wrapped a plastic baseball in tin-foil to give me a crystal ball

Ghostly Girl
Not sure why my daughter wanted this, but she did. We went to the thrift store and found this dress and then cut it up and added fake blood to it from a costume shop.  Simply by buying a cheap makeup kit from the same costume shop, we were able to give her a ghostly look. Then we ratted her hair and added leaves to it.

One of my all-time favorite thrift store costumes.  My daughter was the Mad Hatter. If you notice, it's the same vest and scarf from the Gypsy costume.  Complete bonus was that we found the Mad Hatter hat at the thrift store.  She had her own pink boots and crazy patterned tights. Everything else was a thrift store find:
I loved this Mad Hatter costume far more than any commercial bought one I found. Just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a lot for an adorable costume!

Happy shopping and Happy Halloween! For more Halloween ideas, click here!