Ice Cream Christmas Tree

This is so cute and quite easy for you to serve at your family, work, church or school parties.  Simply use a cookie sheet and cover it with tinfoil. Then scoop large balls of mint chocolate chip ice cream to create a christmas tree.  The top  row will have 1 ball, the second row will have 2 balls.  The third row will have 3 balls, and so on. After you have rows of 5 or 6 ice cream balls (the size of your cookie sheet and the size of the ice cream balls will determine how many you can fit), your tree will be complete.  Then scoop two ice cream balls of chocolate icecream and place them at the bottom of the tree lined up vertically to look like a trunk.

Make sure you keep this in the freezer until you are ready to serve.  Makes a super cute treat and an incredibly easy way to serve ice cream to the crowd quickly! Thank you to our cousin, Cathy, for the cute idea!

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Easy Volcano and Paleontologist Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow, so most people probably have their costumes all in place, but I wanted to share my boys' costumes this year in case you are looking for a creative, last-minute costume idea. We threw these costumes together in just a couple of hours.


My five-year-old decided he wanted to be a volcano this year (Last year he was a crayon--he definitely likes to have unique costumes).

The main part of the volcano is gray fleece. I chose fleece so that I wouldn't have to worry about hemming. I just draped the material around my son, measured an opening for his head, pinned it down one side, and sewed a straight line where I had pinned it. Then, I cut holes for the arms and the main part was complete. We used red and orange felt for the lava. We cut the felt into wavy strips and hot-glued the "lava" on the gray fleece. We added a few extra diamonds of red and orange felt around the neck to make a sort of collar. Then, we had my son wear a red shirt underneath and the outfit was complete.


All we used for this costume was a kids' fishing vest that my son filled with dinosaur toys and other tools that a paleontologist might use such as a microscope and paint brush. He added an old beaten-up cowboy hat and a regular gray t-shirt and jeans. To complete the ensemble, I made him a paleontologist nametag with a picture of his favorite dinosaur which I printed out and hung around his neck with a piece of rope.

Here my 5-year-old volcano explodes and my 6-year-old paleontologist tries to escape the blast.

They are very excited to go trick-or-treating tomorrow! Happy Halloween! (See our other Halloween Costume and  Halloween Party Ideas too!)


Halloween Balloon Pumpkin Faces

Last year for my son's Halloween party, we made these little gems!  The kids loved them and they were incredibly simple!

Supplies needed:
Orange Balloon
Black Sharpie
Green Sharpie
Green felt cut in the shape of leaves

1. Have children blow up the balloons to preferable size.
2. Decorate balloon to look like a Jack-o-Lantern with balloon tie on the top of the pumpkin.  
3. Cut a slit in the end of the leaf with scissors to allow balloon tie to snugly fit through.
4.  Enjoy!

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