Valentine Classroom Party Game: Twister!

This game was so popular and fun at our party! We played it like the typical twister - where I had cards for the colors and cards for left hand, left foot, right hand and right foot. We pulled one color card and one hand/foot card out per turn and the kids had to follow the instructions. For example, if I pulled out a green card and the right hand, they put their right hand on the green heart. {We pulled the color and hand/foot cards out of Valentine lunch sacks, but it could be in any container}.  We continued until someone fell or it got too hard. I had 3 kids at a time on my board as it was small. Since my groups for the class party had 5 or 6 kids in them, whoever wasn't on the board, got to draw out the color cards and hand/foot cards.  They loved it! If I were to do it again, I might try to create a board on white butcher paper and laminate the whole thing for longevity as this was perfect for one day, but wouldn't last past that. It was very enjoyed.

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