Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

I know I'm in costume mode... but I suddenly realized I need to figure out Halloween costumes for my kiddos and thought I'd post some of our more creative costumes:

I loved the year we did dynamic duos in our family.  It was a hard year to match everyone as a family, so I split into pairs instead...
Pippi Longstocking and her monkey, Mr. Nelson (Pippi is just a hodgepodge of mismatched clothes.  I cut out square patches and sewed them on her dress to make it look worn.  We bought a wig for $7.00 and it was a dang cute and cheap costume!)
Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter

Simply Gorgeous: Earth Fairy, borrowed from a sister-in-law, but one of my favorite fairy looks ever!

Most Loved was our Madeline costume.  We found very expensive ones online and I didn't want to pay those prices.  So I found a simple yellow dress pattern, $2.00 material at walmart and made the under dress.  Then we bought fleece for the jacket and followed a coat pattern, adding the extra flap on top.  Fleece was nice because I didn't have to line the coat or hem it.  I pinned a red ribbon on top.  Then we took an old straw hat and painted it yellow.  I added a black ribbon to the hat around the brim.  And voila!  Madeline was created!

 Family Theme: Star Wars
Most commented on costume we've ever had was the Bubblegum Machine.  
How we did it?  On the bottom is a pair of red sweats and sweatshirt.  We cut the 5 cents out of black material and hot glued it on.  Next we took a red beret we had and hot glued a milk cap on the top that I spray painted silver.  Finally, we blew up a ton of colorful balloons and stuffed them in a clear garbage sack.  I cut a hole at the top and of the garbage sack for her head and tied he bottom of the garbage sack tightly to keep it around her waist.  (Note: not for younger kids due to suffocation risks!)  This was the most popular costume at her school last year!
I LOVE my daughter's friends Laundry Machine... SO CREATIVE!
 Wrap yourself up as a present!  All it took was an oversized gift bag, tissue, a bow and helium balloons.  She cut the bottom of the bag out to make it a costume.  Easy, cheap and cute!
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