The power of refrigerator art

I love refrigerator art. My kids gave me this adorable present for mother's day one year and I proudly posted it along with one daughter's preschool work, the other daughter's latest poem, and my son's scribbles. Sometimes I clean off the fridge for large groups of company coming over and I miss it - so within a day or two, art finds its way right back under the magnets. I think it represents the stage of life my kids are at and I will miss being able to hang things when they get a little older. I don't suppose they'll let me post their high school essays or reports. But who knows?

Why is refrigerator art so important?
Besides me being selfish and trying to freeze this stage of life I'm in, it is also so valuable to kids!  When kids see you hang up their work, they feel important and it increases their self worth.  They feel that their artwork is just as important as the Picassos and Van Goghs you have hanging in the house {okay, I don't have those, but you get the point...}

I loved this article from Parents about other creative ideas of what to do with kid's art... ideas like making it into a stamp, a tote bag or jewelry. It made me think of the cute shrinkydinks I LOVED to make growing up. 

You can get them here for the original brand...

Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dink Deluxe

or a mock brand, Ezee Shrinks here for a lot less {I've never used this brand, but for the price difference, might give it a try}...

Make Your Own Shrinky Dinks

Either way, your kids would have a LOT of fun with this and it would make a great gift idea for hours of fun with a present that doesn't add clutter or space.

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