13 Spooky and Fun Halloween Party Games, Treats, Activities and Crafts!

In honor of the spooky month, we share 13 fun ideas for crafts, treats, games and activities at a 
Halloween party.  Use these for parties in the classroom, with your sports team or dance class, with you friends or family or even a church party!  Happy Halloween!!

1.  Spider Oreo Treats!  
The Kids lifted the top part of the cookie off and slipped 4 long strings of pull n' peel licorice across,creating 8 legs.  Then they placed the oreo top back on. With frosting, they put 3 dots per cookie for 2 eyes and a nose.  Then they placed mini m & ms on the cookies on top of the frosting dots.  Very simple and cute treats and crafts!
 A fun variation is to have the bowling pins be rolls of toilet paper with ghost faces drawn on.

2.  Pumpkin Bowling:
Use 10 empty, clean and dried out water bottles with the labels removed.  Fill them with candy corns to a desired height.  You can fill them all the way up or partially as shown in the picture.  Place them in a bowling pin formation with 4 bottles in back, then 3 on the 3rd row, 2 on the second row and 1 on the first row to create a triangle effect.  Students stand back at a specific line and "bowl" a mini pumpkin towards the bottles, seeing how many they can knock over. 
3.  Paper Plate Pumpkin Totes
Using orange paper plates, glue 2 yellow triangles for eyes.  Then use orange construction paper to cut out a semi circle (the size of half of the paper plate).  Glue yellow triangles or teeth onto the construction paper.  Then glue the sides of the semi-circle onto 1/2 of the paper plate.  This creates a pocket to collect treats and prizes in.  Next, cut out green construction paper in the shape of a stem and 2 leaves.  Glue this to the top of the paper plate.  Finally punch two holes, one on either side of the stem/leaves.  With green string or yarn, tie each end around one of the two holes and you've created a handle.
You can have the kids use this to "trunk or treat" out of the back of various cars or our family likes to have the kids trick or treat to the various doors of the grandma's house.  Behind each door are the aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents with goodies and treats.

4.  Homemade Haunted Houses
Supply children {and adults} with boxes, black butcher or construction paper, other paper {purple, orange, yellow, green work great for Halloween}, stickers, green toothpicks, cobwebs, paints, markers, etc.  Let the children work alone or in groups to create a haunted house.  A very fun creative outlet!

 5. Wrap the Mummy Game
Group children together in pairs, triplets or any number.  Then give each group a role of toilet paper.  The goal is to "wrap" the mummy {One brave individual} with the role of toilet paper the fastest.  
What's fun about this game is no matter if you win or lose, it's a fun process!

6.  Haunted Gingerbread Houses
Rather than the traditional Christmas Gingerbread houses, let children decorate a haunted house.  Fun candies could include m&ms, candy corns, candy pumpkins, marshmallows, and other Halloween treats.

7.  Minute to Win It Games!  See our previous post with oodles of Minute to Win it Games Halloween Style!
 8.  Photo Shoot
Create a backdrop of some sort and allow children to have a Halloween Photoshoot.  You can email parents the picture, take a polaroid or even give each child a picture as a keepsake.

A very fun hands-on activity we posted previously to use your senses, eat some treats and simulate a monster lab all at the same time.  Click here for all the details! Virtually a science lesson while the kids think they are playing - my kind of activity!

10.   Donuts on a String
If you are ambitious, you can even make our homemade donuts!  Tape or use a push pin on the ceiling to attach a string.  The string needs to be about to the height of one's shoulder or head.  Then tie a donut to the end of the string.  Party guests have to hold their hands behind their back and eat the entire donut off the string, without letting it fall on the ground.  See who can do this first.  Another great game because even if you lose, you still get a donut!

11. Toss the Ring on the Witches Hat
A simple, last minute and easy game!  You will need rings (you can use swim rings even) and a witches hat.  Have the guests stand back and see how many rings they can get on the hat.  

12.  Pumpkin Golf
This was a big hit.  The party guests had to golf a golf ball into a jack-o-lantern.  You will want to create some sort of ramp up to the jack-o-lantern's mouth.  I used a piece of cardboard and folded up the edges so the ball couldn't roll off the side.  It would be really cute if I had painted the ramp orange or black!

13.  Painting Pumpkins
Carving pumpkins with a large group can be a nightmare.  It's hard enough with 5 kids at home!  So a fun idea is to pull out the acrylic paints, paintbrushes and pumpkins {It works great with mini or regular sized pumpkins} and let the kids paint their own designs. 

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