Last Minute Halloween Fun - Party Food and Goodies!

Grandma's Halloween Party was FULL of fun Halloween ideas that I had to share with my readers.  I love that any of these can involve the kids in preparation and my girls had lots of fun helping get ready.  Here's just a sampling of the fun (Left to right)

1.Apple Juice with spiders in it for decoration
2. Decorate your Orange Soda bottles as jack-o-lanterns (My daughter decorated the one pictured!)
3. Ghost cups - hot glue googly eyes and use a sharpie to make mouths and ghosts
4. Mandarin Orange Pumpkins - Using snack sized mandarin oranges and a sharpie, you can decorate it to look like a jack-o-lantern
5. Mummy wrapped hotdogs - wrap hotdogs with a pillsbury crescent roll and cook at 375 for 13-17 minutes.  Add mustard or olives for the eyes.  See the recipe here.
6.  Pumpkin Stew - what a fun thing to have soup in a pumpkin.  You can check out our recipe here!
7.  Chocolate Pie with the whipped cream topping in the shape of a ghost
8. Caramel Apples kid style!  I loved these.  Rather than have the kids dip a whole caramel apple that they will only take a few bites out of.  Cut apples into slices and let the kids dip them in carmel and toppings.  Perfect size for the kids and still the same fun!
9.  Rice Krispie Pumpkins.  Shape your rice krispie treats in the size of a pumpkin and add a tootsie roll for the stem.  So cute :)

I hope some of these help you with your last minute Halloween plans.  See our Class Party Ideas for tons of Games, Crafts and Treats as well as our Halloween Costume Ideas!

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