Class and Family Halloween Party Idea: Minute to Win It Halloween Style!

If you have followed my blog, you know that I like to think outside of the box with class parties.  So last year, I was in charge of games for Halloween and Valentines in my kid's classes and I decided to do minute-to-win-it games with the classes.  Here's a review of what we did and some additional ideas.  I had the students rotate through my stations and do all of the activities once.  You probably want to narrow down and only have 5 or 6 games if you are doing rotations for your party.  We had so much fun that we re-did all the games at a family Halloween party too.

Minute to Win It Games:

Elephant Walk - Line water bottles with Candy Corn in them or Orange gatorade bottles.  5 on each side, equidistance from a center line.  Use pantyhose with a small pumpkin in them and put it on your head. With one foot on either side of the line, walk down the line and knock over the bottles in one minute or less.

Spiders on a Straw - Lay 10 spiders on a table in a circle formation or straight line.  Using a straw in your teeth, pick up all of the spiders without using your hands and keep them on the straw at the same time.  

Pencils in a cup.  Bounce 5 Halloween pencils into 5 cups. Bounce them on the eraser side.  This one is harder than it looks as evidenced by the picture! But the kids did a great job making some of them in.
Stacking cups pyramid  - see if you can stack a pyramid of cups and take them all down in 1 minute or less.  They sell orange solo cups at Halloween!

This Blows - Stack 10-15 cups on a table.  Using the air from 1 balloon, blow the cups onto the ground in 1 minute.  You must stay on the other side of the table.

Halloween Oreos are great for Face the Cookie.  Or you could use normal Oreos.  Place the cookie on the forehead.  Without using hands, slide the cookie down your face into your mouth in one minute.  This one is hard!

Dizzy Mummy - one player turns in circles, the other unrolls a whole roll of toilet paper in one minute or less.  If the toilet paper rips, you have to start over.

Candy Corn Hose - player must remove one candy corn from the bottom of each leg of a pantyhose only using their hands.  Hands start at the top of the panty hose at the beginning.  If you touch any part of your body, you're out and if the candy corn falls out, you are out. Harder than it sounds :)

Separation Anxiety
Player must separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order.

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Living Daily on Less said...

Cute games that can be changed for just about any holiday!

Mirien said...

Andrea, hi! Searching Pinterest for Halloween party ideas and I recognize "Dorothy". Great ideas. I'm only in charge of one game, so just have to decide which one to do. Thanks for your help". :)