Halloween Costume Idea + Pregnancy Announcement - "There's a Bun in the Oven!"

I love Halloween time - it is right up there with my very favorite holidays. I enjoy letting the kids pick out their favorite costumes. I love the crisp fall air and crunchy leaves that bring in the season. And I love being able to make homemade soup!  Who doesn't enjoy pumpkin carving, hay mazes, cookie decorating, parties, Boo at the Zoo and Mom's homemade donuts? I have to admit, I could do entirely without the candy - but I don't think that will ever happen! It is just a great time of year.

With it right around the corner, I wanted to post one of my more creative costumes for myself...

A while back, I was on the newer side of being pregnant for Halloween,
The day before Halloween a few years back, my 1st grader indirectly accused me of being boring when she said, "You're always a witch mom!" So I decided to get creative. I dug around the house and found all the resources necessary to make a creative costume that was very fitting for my pregnant status. I was happily pleased to find a cardboard box, black spray paint, oven handle, old knobs, silver pipe cleaner, and bun clipart.

And there you had it - I was an oven with a "bun in the oven" - a very fun way to make an announcement.  Add to it by having your husband dress up as a baker and it would be even more perfect :)
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