Halloween Class Party Idea - MONSTER LAB!

If you're like me, class parties have been divided up and parents are trying to hurry and find a creative idea for the Halloween party. A few years ago, I was in charge of a station at a class Halloween party that involved food.  I wanted something that had healthy and not so healthy, but also had a fun activity to go along with it.  So I came up with the following idea and it was a HIT!
I did a MONSTER LAB. When they rotated to me, I told them we were creating a monster stew with abnormal ingredients. Then I let them feel them in boxes they could reach their hands in, but not see in. The ingredients we put in were:

Monkey Brains
Goblin Eyeballs
Mummy Intestines
Skeleton Bones
Witches Warts
Bat Ears
Vampire Blood

I got plenty of "ew"s and squeals to make my efforts worth it. After they felt each item, they guessed what they really were. Then I gave them each a bag with the ingredients to taste for themselves. I am surprised how much second graders like mummy intestines and goblin eyeballs! (In order they were: jigglers, peeled grapes, pull & peel licorice, kit kats, raisins, dried apples, red punch in a balloon)

At the end, I had a bag for each of them with the goodies for themselves to eat (that hadn't been touched by anyone!) and a little label to say what they were supposed to represent.

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