Halloween Spooky Popcorn Gloves

Another fun Halloween treat idea I've done... spooky hands.  I like that this has semi-healthy popcorn and a few treats.  Plus they get to have a spider ring to keep.  Supplies needed:
Plastic Gloves (I've found these in the paint section and one year the deli department at my store gave me enough for the whole class for free)
Yarn (any Halloween color)
Popped Popcorn
Hot Tamales or Mike & Ikes (5 per glove)
Spider Ring (You can get 100 packs at Halloween for one or two dollars)

Fill the glove with the candies in each finger.  Then pour popcorn to fill the rest of the glove.  Tie it off with a piece of yarn and add a spider ring to the finger for the final touch.

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