Halloween Costume Idea: Walking Refrigerator

Do you remember the prank call that went like this?
Is your refrigerator running?
Then you better go catch it!

My daughter's costume last year reminded me of this joke.  My oldest is creative, loves Halloween, and likes to be unique.  So each year, she seems to come up with more and more unique ideas.  This one takes the cake so far when she requested a refrigerator.  Pretty funny :)

How we made it:
1. White pants, sweatshirt, socks and shoes were worn underneath
2. Find a large white box or paint another box white.
3. Cut out the bottom of the box so you can slip it over your head.
4.  Cut a hole with plenty of room for your  head out of the opposite side of the bottom of your box.
5.  Use extra flaps from inside the box, flaps from another box or you could cut out the back of the box if you need (but we liked having a complete box around her) to make the front doors of the fridge. (Paint if necessary).  Tape the doors so they open and shut.
6.  Use electrical tape or use marker to make tape black and add lines for the interior of the refrigerator and for the center seam of the front of the door.
7.  Cut food images out of local magazines/food ads and tape glue them to the interior of the fridge.
8.  Use old cereal boxes and hot glue them the top of the fridge on either side of the head hole.
9.  Use old magnets, comics, pictures, papers to glue to the front of the refrigerator making it look realistic to your own fridge.
10. Voila!  You have a refrigerator.  What I loved most about this costume is that it is entirely kid friendly and your child can help make the whole costume.
(Little brother wanted to try it on too!)

See some of her past costumes, including the ever popular bubble gum/gumball machine costume she did.  LOVED that one! And here's my own costume when I announced I was pregnant at Halloween.

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