Creative Valentine Box Idea #3 - Robot


Supplies needed:
Two cardboard boxes (preferably of different sizes), two toilet paper rolls, smarties, silver spray paint, cardboard hearts, pink pipe cleaners, red cardstock, hot glue gun, black marker

1. spray paint both cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and smarties silver
2. Hot glue cardboard boxes together. These will be the head and body.
3. Hot glue toilet paper rolls to larger box.  These will be the legs.
4. Cut out 2 large paper hears out of red cardstock. 
5. Hot glue paper hearts to the toilet paper rolls for the feet.
6. Curl pipe cleaners with a pencil, for fun, we bent the "hands" into heart shapes.
7.  Glue pipe cleaners to both sides of the larger box.
8. Cut a hole out of the larger box for the valentines to go through.
9. Hot glue smarties around the edges if the smaller box and down the middle front of the larger box for a more robot look.
10.  Hot glue cardboard hearts (di-cuts or stickers work, too) for the eyes and decoration.
11. Draw a smile on your robots face!

Just for fun - the robot "listening" to the ipod

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