Creative Valentine Box #4 - Ladybug


Supplies needed: shoebox, red paper, hot glue, glue, red ribbon, black pipe cleaner, googly eyes, black marker.
1.  Glue red paper on the outside of a shoe box.
2. Cut out a hole to insert valentines on the top of the box.
3.  Cut a heart shaped face (more of a half heart)
4. Decorate the box with hearts instead of spots.  
5. Decorate the Ladybug's face
6. Hot glue googly eyes to ladybug's face
7.  Hot glue ribbon to the bottom of the box and bottom of the face.
8.  Curl 2 black pipe cleaners by wrapping it around a pencil. 
9.  Cut out 2 hearts from the red paper and glue them to the top of the pipe cleaner.
10.  Tie a bow on each of the 2 pieces of pipe cleaner below the heart.
11. Glue face to side of the Valentine box.
12.  Tape or glue pipe cleaners behind the face to look like antennas.
(note: if you do this correctly, you can open and close the box to get valentines out without ruining the box.)

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