Creative Valentine Box #5 - Lion

Supplies needed: shoe box, brown paper or brown grocery sack, black marker, red paper, raffia, glue
1. Wrap a shoe box with brown paper or a recycled brown paper grocery sack.
2. Cut a circle out of the same paper for the face and a hole to insert valentines out of the center of the box.
3.  Cut hearts out of red paper for decoration, a nose and a tail.
4.  Also out of red paper, cut a bow if you want it to be a girl lion.
5. Cut about 3" pieces of raffia (as many as needed) and glue them around the circumference of the face.
6.  Cut a tail out of raffia that is about 6-8" long.
7.  Draw the face on the lion.
8.  Glue hearts for a nose and decoration and on the tip of the tail.  Also glue the bow on if you decided to include that.
9.  Glue face to the front of the shoebox and the tail to the back of the shoebox.
10.  Add your child's name if you want!

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