Creative Valentine Box #6 - Castle

Supplies: Cereal box, 2 paper towel rolls (empty), purple foam paper, light pink foam paper, dark pink foam paper, glitter glue, conversation hearts, ribbon, red popsicle sticks, heart stickers.

1. Wrap cereal box and paper towel rolls with pink paper (butcher paper works great for this)
2. Cut 3 hearts out of the 3 different colors of paper.  Make each heart slightly larger than the previous one that is cut.
3.  Cut a door and 2 triangle flags out of the dark pink foam
4.  Cut 2 hearts and 2 semi circles out of the purple foam.
5. Glue ribbon around the paper towel rolls.
6.  Glue the following onto the cereal box front in order: door, hearts largest to smallest, conversation hearts around the door.
7.  Roll purple semi circles up and tape to make into tower tops leave a small opening.
8.  Glue purple hearts on pink flags and glue flags onto red popsicle sticks.
9.  Tie ribbons on popsicle sticks and place the sticks in the top of the purple tower tops.
10.  Hot glue tower tops to paper towel rolls.
11.  Hot glue paper towel rolls to cereal box.
12.  Add glitter glue for name, around hearts on flag, in center of hearts on the front of the box, and at the bottom of the purple tower tops.  Add stickers on towers or wherever you desire!

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