6 Easy Homemade Valentines

Valentine's Day is one month from today, and we are already getting excited to celebrate!

One of our favorite activities every year is making homemade valentines for family and friends. Usually, I just give my kids paper, scissors, glue, stickers, etc. and let them create an open-ended card, but occasionally we come up with a clever saying to include. Here are a few of our favorite easy homemade valentines from years past.

Acrostic Name Poem Valentine

Collage Heart "I Love You to Pieces." I also used the same saying "I love you to pieces" and gave each of my kids a new puzzle for Valentine's Day one year.

Pencil Butterfly

"You are out of this world" cards with Milky Way candy--I just let my kids decorate black paper with glitter glue.  On the reverse I taped the saying and the candy. Even the one-year-old could do this!

Pencil with the saying You're all "write."

And our favorite sweet and simple valentine--just open-ended drawing on a heart-shaped piece of paper. My four-year-old did this one last year. I taught him how to cut out a heart and then he drew his own picture. For my younger kids who couldn't cut out hearts, I just gave them paper to draw on and then I cut out their scribbles in the shape of hearts after they were done drawing.

For more of my ideas for Valentine's Day, see my Valentine's Day Pinterest Board! Also check out my "L is for Love" article for some fun preschool activities to do with kids around this time of year.


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