Treasure Chest Cake for Pirate or Princess Party

This month, we celebrated the birthdays of two of my children--my son turned 6 and my daughter turned 3. We decided to just have one birthday party for them and so we invited a couple of families over who had children both of our kids' ages and we had a party that combined elements of the princess and pirate birthday parties my sister previously shared.

After "dancing at the ball" like princesses, having "cannon ball fights" with black balloons, and more, the pirates "stormed the castle" (a castle pinata), and then we finished off with this treasure chest cake--which worked perfectly for both themes in our pirate and princess party! The cake was inspired by this one I found online, and more detailed instructions for a treasure chest cake can be found here.

I used different candies than those in the tutorial linked above to decorate my cake. We used red vines for the straps on the treasure chest, and we used milk chocolate balls cut in half to line the sides of the straps. I also used a Reeses peanut butter cup and a kit kat bar that was trimmed down to create the lock. "Treasure" inside the chest consisted of chocolate gold coins, milk chocolate balls, and Rolos. The "sand" underneath the treasure chest was made of brown sugar.

Be sure to check out our complete Princess Party and Pirate Party posts that we shared previously for more ways to celebrate!

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