Crazy Hair Do for Dr. Seuss's Birthday! {Cindy Lou Who We Love You!}

Whether it's crazy hair day at school or Dr. Seuss' Birthday {coming up on March 2nd}, here's a fun, cute and easy hairstyle for your daughter's hair.  And it gets lots of attention :)  

It's simple.  I started doing this when my daughter was in kindergarten and it's still her favorite crazy hair do style.  I took a small plastic child's drinking cup and placed it on the top of her head.  I then gathered hair all around the cup to completely cover it.  It looks best if you partition off the top of the hair you are going to use with a comb so you have a smooth line.  Using a rubber band, I secured the rubber band right above the cup so the hair continues to cover the cup on it's own.  I added a cute bow and curled her hair and I was done!

The trick to this is getting it very smooth around the cup.  I do this most effectively by using a spray bottle and comb.  Also - I've learned to curl her hair AFTER I put the cup in as there's a lot of brushing and smoothing that goes on before. 

Have fun!  And hopefully your kids don't have any short kids sitting beside them.

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