Creative Valentine box #12 - Rocket

My little guy has his eyes set on being an astronaut someday, so a rocket was his Valentine Box request.  Here's how he created one, mostly on his own! 

Materials needed: Large cardboard tube {ours was actually from a lava lamp}with lid, kitchen funnel, 2 pringle containers {or similar sized container}with no lids, tinfoil, Black letters NASA, 2 red balloons, clear packing tape, colorful foam hearts of various sizes, knife, glue.

1.Wrap 3 containers and funnel entirely with tin foil. For the two smaller containers, keep the open end exposed by wrapping tinfoil into the inside of the container.
2.Using a large knife {this is the part I helped my son with}, cut a rectangular slit through the top of the tall cylinder allowing a spot for valentines to be placed in.
3. Using packing tape, attach funnel to tall cardboard cylinder.  Since it's clear, you won't see the tape. Use the same tape and tape the two smaller cylinders to the tall cylinder in order to have rocket boosters. Make sure the all containers are facing downward with the open end facing down. The shorter side cylinders should be slightly off the ground allowing room for balloon boosters. The taller cylinder should have the lid facing down in order to catch the valentines.
4. Blow red balloons, but only part way.  Small enough that they can be squished inside the open end of the two side cylinders.  This will give the impression of red fire from the rocket boosters. If you inflate them just perfectly, they squish in and then don't fall out!
5. Glue the letters, N,A,S,A on the tall cylinder vertically.
6. Decorate the rocket to your desire with colorful hearts.  We used Foam hearts as they are so easy to work with, but construction paper or cardstock would work too.  Glue or tape the hearts on and voila!  You've got a rocket!
My son's homemade creation!  He did great!
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