5 Homemade Valentines for your sweethearts, kids, and friends!

Looking for the perfect Valentine gift for your sweetheart, friend or family?
Here are 5 fun ideas I threw together last year to give a special personal touch.  
1. Valentine, You're da Bomb! or You're Dynamite!
I copied this from my cute friend. Isn't it cute?? Inside each tube is a round stack of Oreos.  Below is my variation.  I used red paper, with black pipe cleaners a top.  I tied it all together with black tulle and put the note on it. 

2. Valentine You're all "Write"!
Super easy!  I found these jumbo pencils at Walmart, but any pencil will do.  We gave our kids these cute pencils with some treats last year and affixed the note, "Valentine You're all Write!"

3. "An Extra squeeze on Valentine's Day"
A little sibling gift last year made with squeeze its.  You can buy squeeze its 6 for $1, making this super cheap.  We attached a cute note with ribbon on top of each bottle.  It was a big hit with his siblings.
4.  "I Love you to Pieces"
Perfect for Grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc.
These are so easy to make.  You simply cut out a paper heart of your color choice.  Then let the kids tear as many pieces of colored paper as they would like.  Glue the colored paper to the paper heart making a mosaic of colors.  Then glue the saying on top after printing it out or write the phrase, "I love you to pieces".  This is great because it comes straight from a child's heart and hands!

5.  "I'm soda lighted" it's Valentine's Day!
{instead of so "delighted"}
You can do this with cans of soda or little candies as shown above that are in the shape of soda cans.
A really fun and easy way to share a valentine with a friend or family member.

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