10 Creative Homemade Valentines and Valentine Gifts

1. Chocolate Covered Oreo Valentine Suckers
I made these just the same way I made chocolate covered oreos for Christmas, except instead putting crushed up candycanes on top, I put valentine colored sprinkles and stuck a small wooden skewer in the bottom to make it a popsicle. (Regular popsicle sticks don't work as well with oreos because they sometimes are too big and push the oreos apart, but a small wooden skewer makes a great popsicle stick).

You can give these out with the saying "I'm a Sucker for You" (Cute free printable here)

2. Heart Attack--I did this for my husband on the door to our room. I printed out pictures from the last 10 years of our marriage/dating and then cut out hearts on wrote things I loved about him on each heart.

3. Books with the saying "You Wrote the Book on . . . "

I have a free printable here with the sayings "You Wrote the Book on Being Cool!" and "You Wrote the Book on Being Cute!"

(You could also use this saying with a bookmark instead of a book).

4. Puzzle with the saying "I Love You to Pieces."
This was a puzzle my son's friend made for him by painting a blank heart-shaped puzzle he had purchased at the store. You could also make your own heart shaped puzzle by cutting out a heart on heavy paper, cardboard, or foam board.

5. Felt heart with the saying "Love is Felt."
My sweet 93-year-old grandma made these felt heart magnets for us. It is just a felt heart on a small doily with a magnet on the back.

6. Stained Glass Valentine--I found this idea on Pinterest and created my own version of this valentine to give to my husband. I just used ready-made black puff paint and oil pastels.

7. Lift-a-flap Book Valentine
I made a miniature book out of paper, and then used post-it-notes as my lift-a-flaps. Under each flap I wrote something I loved about the person I was giving the valentine to.

8. Pop-up Valentine--We used  this template from Robert Sabuda's Website to make easy pop-up valentines (Check out all of the other pop-up templates on his website as well! They are so fun to do with kids).

9. Melted Crayon Shaving Valentine Hearts--Instructions for these melted crayon hearts are in my L is for Love Post. Basically, place crayon shavings between pieces of waxed paper and use a hot iron to melt the wax and create a cool design.

(In this picture they are hung from the ceiling as decorations, but they could also be used as part of valentine cards).

10. Handprint/Footpint Heart--Nothing is sweeter than seeing your little child's hands or feet preserved in art. You could do two hands together to form a heart:

(I've also seen a heart formed from two feet with the saying, "I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes."

Or even one simple handprint on a doily can be sweet. My daughter did this one at the library and it was paired with a quote from the book I'll Love You Forever.

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I also have a Pinterest Board just for valentine cards and gifts.

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