Creative Valentine Box #11 - Toilet

You are seeing it right.  My daughter requested to make a toilet Valentine's box.  So we did!  As I've said in the past, she loves to think outside of the box {If you remember, she was a refrigerator for Halloween!}. Here's our step by step instructions:
1. Take a cardboard box and wrap it in white butcher paper or wrapping paper.
2. Use a white bucket {this could be a kitchen bowl, empty ice cream bucket, etc.} and with clear tape {I used packing tape} tape it entirely around the box forming the toilet bowl.
3. Decorate toilet bowl to your desire.  It's easiest to use Foam Heart Stickers as they will stick to the packing tape and bowl easily. We put a simple row across the top as shown.
4. Cut out a large heart out of red poster board for the toilet lid and tape this to the back of the bowl only, allowing it to still be opened.
5.  To insert string through the center of the box, tape string to the end of a long chi-ca-bob stick.  Poke the entire stick through the center of the box clear to the back.  Pull the stick through leaving some string on the front of the box.  You should now have string at the front and back of the box. Take the chi-ca-bob stick off, leaving only the string. {You can also use a YOYO   string as I did.  I found cute Valentine YOYOS and my string for the toilet WAS the YOYO string.  This allowed for a fun handle at the back of the toilet as shown.
6. At this point for aesthetic reasons, I poked a hole through the center of 2 red foam hearts, one for the front of the box and one for the back of the box to try and hide the holes in the white box.  You can let them hang or tape them to the box.  See picture below.

7. With scissors or chi-ca-bob stick, poke a hole in the center of the cardboard heart toilet lid. Put the string through this hole and tape it to the inside of the lid so it will not slip through.
8. If you did not use a YOYOS , attach some sort of 3d or paper heart to the end of the string on the back so the string will not slip through to the center of the box.
9.  At this point, the string from the back of the toilet should work in a way where you can lift the lid of the toilet by pulling on it.  Then just manually put the toilet seat lid down to try again.
10.  The final step was sprucing up the toilet.  I added a foam heart to the inside of the toilet lid to hide my string hole.  I added a fun red and white ribbon around the box.  I put red cardboard on the top of the box so it had more red accents. Do whatever spruces it up for you!
11.  Hot glue a VALENTINE YOYO to the side for a toilet flushing handle.
12.  Finally, I added some pink tulle inside the white bucket for some pink accent.
This was really fun to try something different.  My daughter got lots of attention on Valentine's Day for having something different.  And we had fun in the process. 

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