Fairytale Prince or Princess Birthday Party

{I patterned this cake after one I saw on Spoonful.  My candies are gumdrops, good n' plenty, heart runts and mini m&m's } 
We had a fairytale kingdom party (a princess party with boys and girls both invited!)  
Royal announcements went out on invitations that were sealed with wax.  They read:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

All knights and princesses of the land are invited to a royal celebration in honor of

Her Royal Highness
Princess Abigail’s
fifth year since birth

Please join us for festivities at the Scott castle in the township of {Insert City} on December 15th, 3:30 p.m. Please let the Queen Mom know if you will be attending, as she has to prepare the castle for your arrival.

We would love you to dress in your princess, prince or knight attire suitable for the festivities!
We dolled my girls up in Princess clothes.  Some others came dressed up and others didn't.  It was their choice.
Making crowns/tiaras and party bags for the pinata as they arrived.  I bought the crowns and jewels from our local hobby/craft store.  I also found foam fairytale stickers and they got to decorate their lunch sacks with stickers and jewels.

Reading Fairytales to go along with various activities:

Book: The Princess and the Pea  followed by a game where we hid a ball under three pillows and the guest had to figure out where it was hidden.  When they figured it out, they were given a shield/sword or wand as they had proven their royalty.
Book: Rumpelstiltskin during which we played hot and cold to find the objects the princess had to give up (ring, bracelet).  Then they played hot and cold to find the gold that had been spun (a basket of gold coin candy).
Book: The Paper Bag Princess.  After which we played Dragon, Dragon, Princess (Duck, Duck, Goose).
Book: The Frog Prince done as a puppet show for the party guests.  Then we played “Pin the kiss on the frog”

Book: Cinderella(I didn’t actually read this one, but referred to it) – we had a celebration ball.  I played Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, I Just Can't Wait To Be King, Arabian Nights, Some Day My Prince Will Come, etc.  When the music stopped, the kids went to one of four flags.  Then I would call out a color and the kids at that flag got a prize.  

Celebration Feast – everything was decorated on the table with a silver table cloth, gold platewear, gold tull and ribbon, silver/gold hershey kisses, silver/gold confetti.  I served grapes and clementines, starfruit juice and cake/icecream.  The cake was the shape of a castle.  When the kids seemed done, I said a dragon had snuck into the castle and had them search for it. 

Then they all took turns hitting it and got candy.  Finally we had presents and gave a little favor as they gave her a present.  The favor had a homemade coloring book of fairytale pictures, crayons, fairytale foam stickers, princess fruit snacks, candy necklace and ring pop.



H & G said...

Thank you for this information, I found you on pintrest. It has been a blast getting messages from my guests in the theme of the princess party. I used your invitation wording...so much fun, party is friday...

H & G said...

Thanks for the information on the Princess party. I used the invation style and it has been a blast seeing all the responses in the same tone as the invite. Party is friday, looking forward to it! Thanks for the help from Pintrest!