D.I.Y Grateful Jar

My favorite thing we have recently implemented with my children is a Grateful Jar.  This is simply made from a glass jar with vinyl white lettering that says "gather joy" or anything you want it to say for that matter.  You could even write the letters on with a white paint pen.

I then cut out hundreds of white pieces of paper and left them beside the jar with a pen.

I encourage the kids {and my husband and myself} to write down anything they catch someone doing in the house that they were grateful for and that brings joy.  It is so fun because everyone spends time trying to catch others in good acts.  And it helps everyone focus on the positives more and the joys in their lives. This has been so rewarding as a mom to see their self-esteems boost and the smiles on their faces when we pull them out each week to read what has gone well in the home.

I recently went to a parenting class where we all shared tips on how to make your kids feel loved and safe in their home.  I shared another one of my favorites where we sit down each night before bed and tell each other something we love about each person in the family.  We compliment each other.  I love this because it helps my kids focus on each others strengths and REALIZE that it's okay for others to have compliments said about them. It doesn't mean anything less of anyone else in the room.  If I could instill the ability for my kids to be happy for each other in their successes in life, I will have reached one of my biggest goals.

Some friend's suggestions from their homes were:
  • Use humor when things feel tense
  • Have huge family hugs every night
  • Ask your kids if there is anything the family needs to pray for {so they can openly share their struggles}
  • Have a family code that means "I Love You" so even if you are across the room from eachother, you can let them know.

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