Thankful Turkey--Thanksgiving Tradition

One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is our "Thankful Turkey." I made this simple turkey and colored feathers out of construction paper a few years back. Each day during November, we talk about what we are grateful for (usually around the breakfast table or at dinnertime). I put the turkey on our fridge, and then I write the things we are grateful for on some of the feathers. We add new feathers every day until our turkey is filled with feathers by the end of the month. I also keep a little journal in which I write down our thankful lists each day. I laminated my turkey and feathers so I can use it year after year (I write with a dry-erase marker). My kids love seeing our turkey's tail get bigger and bigger throughout the month, and I love the visible reminder of all the things we have to be grateful for.

--> And if you want a cute picture book to go along with this activity, I love the book Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes. It is a sweet little picture book about being grateful for things big and small. It is from a child's point of a view so the rhyming words describe being thankful for playdates, for dancing, music, and other simple delights.

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