Thanksgiving Recap

I should have posted Thanksgiving Ideas before Thanksgiving, but for future years, here's a recap of some fun ideas:

A few school or homeschool ideas:
Learning about Native Americans - the kids made vests out of grocery bags and feather headbands.

Reenacting the Thanksgiving Feast - they also made homemade butter to eat on their roles.

One Thanksgiving day, I laid out these fun hats {thank you dollar row at Target!} outside of the kid's doors for a surprise.

  On the Monday before Thanksgiving, for family night we always make our family's annual turkeys with feathers full of what we are grateful for. Here's what the kids came up with on their own when they were quite little and I loved it:

pioneers*pilgrims*Indians*creations*our smart brains* our lives* color* Thanksgiving* education*our house* journals*church*teachers*Heavenly Father*nature*art*talents*words*crafts*helpers*games*animals*
Ethan*Maggie*Garrett*drinks*toys*plants*my body*the earth*community
helpers*school*dance*piano*knowledge*the sun*snow*water*weather*
my imagination*FUN*missionaries*brothers*sisters*stores*markers*
pencils*crayons*Santa*presents*turkey*feasts*butterfly blanky*

My husband's family does a similar tradition with a gratitude tree. I really like this and did it this year with my own little family as well.  We each take a few leaves and write what we are grateful for. Then we read them together as a family at dinner. It is a good reminder of what the holiday is all about.

We had a very quiet year this year, but I was surrounded by my husband and kids and yummy food.  I had nothing to complain about!

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