Christmas Countdown Chain for Kids #2 - The Simpler Version

Christmas Advant Chain Number 2

Some of my readers might just want a simple advant chain for kids to count down.  Here's a creative way.

You'll need saran wrap, candies (I used candy kisses, but have also used various chocolate candies, salt water taffy, AND leftover Halloween Candy before!), ribbons, and a holder at the top if you want.

Lay all a large piece of saran wrap on a table.  Place 24 pieces of candy vertically one at a time.  Fold the saran wrap over towards the middle like a present and if it's wide enough wrap it around behind.  Tie a small piece of ribbon, curling ribbon or yarn above and below each piece of candy.  You can make a fun Christmas topper like I did or simply clothes pin your advant chain up.  Your kids will love it!

A funny story:
3 days before Christmas one year, my son came running in very excited.  
 He was so excited he can hardly contain it. Well in all of his excitement, he said, "MOM... only 3 more days that I have to be good!!" What a hoot. Kids say it so perfectly - he had really been trying hard to be good the whole season. I guess it wasn't easy!  It has always been a wonderful thing for him to have to visualize the days until Christmas.

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