Christmas Candle Tradition (and DIY Christmas Countdown Candle)

Every year during the month of December, we love counting down the days to Christmas in different ways. Here are a few ways that have been shared on Mommy Lessons 101 previously: Christmas activity countdown paper chain, Homemade Candy Advent Chain, Matchbox Advent Calendar. But above all, our favorite way to count down the days until Christmas is by having a candlelit Christmas moment every night in December.

We start with a candle that has the numbers 1-25 on it. You can purchase countdown candles online at places like Miles Kimball or Amazon. But I seem to always forget to order my candle in time. So I have also made my own inexpensive countdown candle. I just bought a plain tapered candle and then used puff paint to write the numbers 1 to 25 on the side of the candle (with 1 at the bottom). You could also use a special candle paint medium if you want to be more elaborate. I was just going for a quick and easy project when I made the candle on the left.

Then, every night in December, starting with December 1, we light the candle. As the candle burns down to the next number, we sing Christmas songs and read Christmas books and scriptures. Then we blow out the candle and repeat our Christmas moment the following night. By Christmas Eve, our candle is all burned down, and we have had 24 wonderful nights of being together for a few moments to enjoy the Christmas spirit.

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