Easy Volcano and Paleontologist Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow, so most people probably have their costumes all in place, but I wanted to share my boys' costumes this year in case you are looking for a creative, last-minute costume idea. We threw these costumes together in just a couple of hours.


My five-year-old decided he wanted to be a volcano this year (Last year he was a crayon--he definitely likes to have unique costumes).

The main part of the volcano is gray fleece. I chose fleece so that I wouldn't have to worry about hemming. I just draped the material around my son, measured an opening for his head, pinned it down one side, and sewed a straight line where I had pinned it. Then, I cut holes for the arms and the main part was complete. We used red and orange felt for the lava. We cut the felt into wavy strips and hot-glued the "lava" on the gray fleece. We added a few extra diamonds of red and orange felt around the neck to make a sort of collar. Then, we had my son wear a red shirt underneath and the outfit was complete.


All we used for this costume was a kids' fishing vest that my son filled with dinosaur toys and other tools that a paleontologist might use such as a microscope and paint brush. He added an old beaten-up cowboy hat and a regular gray t-shirt and jeans. To complete the ensemble, I made him a paleontologist nametag with a picture of his favorite dinosaur which I printed out and hung around his neck with a piece of rope.

Here my 5-year-old volcano explodes and my 6-year-old paleontologist tries to escape the blast.

They are very excited to go trick-or-treating tomorrow! Happy Halloween! (See our other Halloween Costume and  Halloween Party Ideas too!)

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Laura said...

Where did you find a small boys vest like that? The costumes are so sweet