Ice Cream Christmas Tree

This is so cute and quite easy for you to serve at your family, work, church or school parties.  Simply use a cookie sheet and cover it with tinfoil. Then scoop large balls of mint chocolate chip ice cream to create a christmas tree.  The top  row will have 1 ball, the second row will have 2 balls.  The third row will have 3 balls, and so on. After you have rows of 5 or 6 ice cream balls (the size of your cookie sheet and the size of the ice cream balls will determine how many you can fit), your tree will be complete.  Then scoop two ice cream balls of chocolate icecream and place them at the bottom of the tree lined up vertically to look like a trunk.

Make sure you keep this in the freezer until you are ready to serve.  Makes a super cute treat and an incredibly easy way to serve ice cream to the crowd quickly! Thank you to our cousin, Cathy, for the cute idea!

Merry Christmas and check out some of our other Christmas ideas while you are here!

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