DIY Crayon Costume for less than $5

My 4-year-old was determined that he wanted to be a crayon for Halloween this year. So I made him this costume. This was a very quick and easy costume to make--I threw it together the night before we were headed to a Halloween party and it took hardly any time at all.

DIY Crayon Costume

  • 1/2 yard black felt
  • 1 yard felt in color of your choice
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • cone-shaped party hat
I was just estimating how much felt I needed and I purchased a yard of colored felt but I ended up with a lot of extra felt and probably could have gotten by with purchasing half of the amount of felt. Even so, the felt was on sale, so it was only $4 total for the felt. I got the party hat from our local dollar store and I already had hot glue and a sewing machine so the total for the costume was $5 (and it would have been less if I hadn't bought more felt than I needed).


Fold the colored felt in half and measure it to the length and width you would like it to be depending on your child's size. Sew (or hot glue) down the sides, leaving openings at the top for arm holes. Cut a hole at the top for your child's head. Cut decorative elements from black felt and hot glue on to the colored fabric.

To create the wavy black lines on bottom I first cut long thin rectangles to size, then cut a wavy line down the center of each rectangle and separated the two pieces slightly before gluing them on to the colored fabric. To create the crayon word in the center I first cut out a black felt oval, and then I cut out letters from my leftover colored felt and glued the letters on top of the oval.

To create the top of the crayon, I hot glued colored felt on top of the cone-shaped party hat.

Underneath the costume, my son also wore a shirt (that he already had) in a corresponding color.

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