Christmas Train Birthday Party + Cake

Remember our ever popular Thomas the Train Birthday Cake?  Well last year, my son who's birthday is in December wanted a train party, so we decided to change it up to a Christmas train.  We took the family on a Christmas train ride and finished the evening with pizza and this cake.  Santa and the elves all sang Happy Birthday him and we enjoyed a very popular train ride.  If you live in Utah or visit Utah for the ski slopes, you should check out Heber Valley Railroad.  So fun, even if it's not Christmas time!  I have found a lot of joy in having simple family parties when my kids are 1-3 years old.  Another fun toddler party we did was a Zoo Party along this same lines.  However, if you want to spruce it up with some games and activites, check out our Thomas the Train Birthday Party with lots of ideas that could be used for this party as well!

1.  Bake cake in 2 loaf pans.
2.  Cut each loaf in half and cool cakes in freezer to make them easy to frost
3.  Frost each cake and place it on the tray where you would like it to be.  I put the front of the train vertical to give it the height of the engine.  The rest of the loaf halves laid flat.
4.  Place Chips Ahoy cookies on each train for the wheels
5.  Use various candy for the train's cargo.  We used Pull n' Peel licorice, M&Ms, both wrapped and unwrapped Rolos and Candy Canes.
6.  Stick candles in and there you have it!

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