Thomas the Train Birthday Party

My son's birthday party is today, so it made me reflect on some of his past birthdays.  In honor of the day, here's a train birthday party with some cousins and neighbors when he was younger. It went so smoothly and everyone had a great time. The activities we did were:

  • Dressup the engineers - each guest received a red handkerchief and engineer hat to keep
  • Storytime with the Train Conductor
  • Playtime with all of our many trains
  • "Thomas Says"- done in the fashion of Simon Says
  • Freeze Dance to Train music - I downloaded a ton of train music.  (the kids moved like trains and then froze when the music stopped)
  • Singing time where we learned "Choo Choo the Big Train"
    Choo Choo the big train is coming down the track
    Choo Choo the big train is coming down the track
    and LISTEN
    and LISTEN
    Choo Choo the big train is coming down the track
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Follow the Leader - with someone as the head of the train and all others following
  • Pinata Time!
...and of course the cake and presents

Cake mix
Mini Loaf pans
Food Coloring
Black Licorice
Rice krispies
Various Candies: Pull n' Peel Licorice, M&Ms, Sugar Babies,
Whoppers, Pretzels, Dots

1. Bake 6 mini-loaf pan cakes and let cool.  I usually put them in the freezer until I am frosting, to prevent the cake from crumbling.
2. Divide white frosting into 6 bowls and dye each bowl of frosting a different color.  Then frost each cake loaf a different color.
3.  Make the base by using a stiff piece of cardboard and wrapping it with tin-foil.  Then make the track by place black licorice as the rails, laying Kit-Kats down for the rails, and filling in Rice Krispies to be the pebbles.
4.  Place the 6 train cars evenly on the tracks.
5.  Add 4 wheels to each train car.  Put a dot of frosting in the center of each oreo and place an M&M on the dot.
6.  Decorate each car with the various candies you have chosen to represent the cargo.
7.  I added a cardboard cutout of Thomas because our party was specifically Thomas.  But you don't have to!
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Rachel said...

Love the new blog... And I love this train party--as you know since I copied your cute cake design for Jacob's 2nd bday :)