Team up Against Drugs! - Red Ribbon Week in a nutshell

Red Ribbon weeks are coming up in the next couple of months and if you're like me,  you start thinking of plans way in advance.  So here's our red ribbon week in a nutshell from a year or two ago.  It was darling! The theme for the week was "Team up Against Drugs" with an Olympic focus. Each class made a poster to represent the theme.  In this poster, the kids each made a torch with tissue paper and signed it.

Next, I was in charge of the Fashion Show for the kick-off assembly. I persuaded four other moms to walk across the stage with me to show the students the themes for each day. Each day of Red Ribbon week, the kids dressed up in something different.  So on Monday to introduce the dress up days, we had a fashion show. 

Here's some peeks of my kids dressed up for the various days...

Monday: Team up Against Drugs (Favorite Sports Team)
Tuesday: Make your Future look BRIGHT (Sunglasses)
Wednesday: Drugs Have No Place in My Future
(What do you want to be when you grow up?)

Thursday: Dream Big, Be Drug Free (PJ's)
Friday: Get Your Head In The Game & Be Drug Free (Creative hair day)...
it's a cup. Lots of people asked!

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