Back to School treats...

My mom started a tradition.  I have continued it on with my own children.  It's called the Chocolate Chip Cookie Tradition.  You may have a similar one in your homes.  Every year on the first day of school, my kids know they will come home to home made (from scratch - no frozen or prebaked cookies, which we often have) cookies.  They love the cookies and milk dipping.

But what I love has nothing to do with the actual cookies.  It's having my kids sit on the stools and while they eat, they tell me about their day, their friends, recess, lunch, etc.  Those moments are the chocolate chips in the cookies of life to me!

Try it out, it's a fun tradition! 

OR, if you'd rather, try something unique for the first day of school like this...

Bake these cute apple cupcakes for teacher appreciation, back to school parties or just for fun on the first day of school.

Needed: Cake Mix, Red Frosting, Red Sprinkles, Green Fruit Slices, Kit Kat Bars cut in half. If you want to add a special touch, you can put them in a crate and add a bow like I did.  I actually lined the crate with fabric and stuffed it with red tissue paper so the cupcakes stood on top.

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Rachel said...

so cute!