American Girl Doll {or Generic Doll} Birthday Party

My daughter celebrated with her friends by having a doll party one year. The house was all decked out in pink with black accents. We centered the party around the book,The Best-Loved Doll. It is about a girl who is invited to a doll party where a prize will be given for the best dressed doll, the oldest doll, and the doll who can do the most things. She chooses, however, to take her tattered and very-well loved doll. In the end, they make a special additional prize for her "best loved doll". In the story, the girls enjoy pink cupcakes & pink lemonade, and so do their dolls! They also play party games, including musical chairs. So now you have a synopsis of the story... here's our party...

When the first arrived, they made a party hat {we used pink cardstock and used black felt polkadots to decorate them} for their dolls and a necklace for both themselves and their dolls out of  Shrinky Dinks (did you know they still exist? The girls were really taken by them).

Then we read The Best-Loved Doll. From here, we had our own tea party with pink cupcakes and pink lemonade, just like the story. The dolls had their own table with name tags, mini polkadot party hats and their own pink mini cupcake.

 During the tea party, we passed around a basket of questions to get to know each other - questions like "What is your favorite family vacation?", "What are you most afraid of" or "What do you like about the birthday girl?" Next, we had the award ceremony where each girl presented their doll and we all decided what quality best described her and then gave the doll a certificate.

Some awards received were the happiest, springiest, cuddliest, prettiest brown eyes, etc. After this, we went outside and played musical chairs with our dolls. When the girls got out, they went and jumped on the tramp, which proved to be a big hit with everyone and stretched out longer because they were having fun.

We had a fun "doll theater" where the girls and their dolls created a skit/mini-play.  Party guests were split into two groups and then performed for each other.  If you have enough doll clothes and costumes, you can pull things out for party guests and dolls to "dress up" in costume and even do each other's hair and the dolls too!  Another variation is to just have the dolls perform and the girls have to be the voice of their doll while on stage.

 Like the book we read, we all played musical chairs with our dolls and then each party guest was given a favor bag with items for themselves and their dolls to take home

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