Cars {Disney or Generic} Birthday Party

Another co-post with my sister Becca as we put together two "cars" parties independently but share with you our combined efforts for extra ideas!

Whether your child is into cars in general or Disney Cars Lightning McQueen, this is a very FUN birthday party!

The Cake:
1. Bake 2 round cakes (8" or 9" will work)
2. Freeze cakes so they are easy to frost
3. Frost cakes with desired frosting.  We chose chocolate, but because you are covering it all, other flavors would work.
4. Use crushed oreos (I crushed them in a blender) to sprinkle all over the top of the cake.
5. Before frosting dries, press green sprinkles all along the sides of the cake and in the center of each circle.  You can either do this on top of the oreo crumbs or simply make the oreo crumbs an o shape leaving an opening for the green sprinkles in the middle.
6. Use frosting tip to pipe white lining around each of the circles.
7. Use white good n' plenty candies to make dashed lines of the race track.
8. Add race flags and cars as you desire!

These simple touches to food were lots of fun:
Sandwiches cut into trainshapes with cookie cutters
Fruit and vegetable cars made with toothpicks
Graham cracker stoplights with frosting and gumdrops {Done as an activity by the kids}
Jello Jiggler stoplights in red, yellow and green circle shapes
Wheel Shaped Pasta Salad

And I love that most of the food is healthy!
Graham Cracker Stoplights - a craft the kids put together with graham crackers, vanilla frosting and red/green/yellow gumdrops

Free playtime with cars and car mat as guests arrived
Cars bean bag toss into tires

Red light, Green Light
 Musical chairs with pictures of cars printed out at each spot
Cars Bingo
Cars Obstacle Course and Relay Races

A very fun and engaging party for anyone who loves cars!

Here's a fun {and EASY} variation on a cars birthday cake we made another year.  We baked 2 round cakes and stacked them together.  Then we frosted it all chocolate and lined the sides of the cake with keebler grasshopper flavored cookies.  The lines on the top are made with red pulln'peel licorice to look like race tracks.  And finally I put a toy car on the top.  Super easy and my 4 year old loved it!

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