Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

I LOVED this Star Wars-themed birthday party I threw for my little guy when he turned six last year.

The invitation:

The decorations:

 photo December_0195_zps1db88abf.jpg

 photo December_0226_zps45537c53.jpg

Star wars snowflakes? A little ambitious. I managed to make a grand total of 3. But they were a fun addition for a December party :).

 photo December_0216_zpsdbce57d3.jpg

I was in love with the cupcakes, made by my friend Tamara of The Cakewalk Shop:

 photo December_0171_zps82be34a1.jpg

At the beginning of the party we started with a photo booth. The kids had a blast putting on masks to turn themselves into different Star Wars characters.

 photo starwars4_zps78a509c1.jpg
 photo starwars3_zpsbb81a28b.jpg

The kids then made their own lightsabers, using colored duct tape and insulation foam:

 photo starwars7_zps302cb77a.jpg

and colored pictures:

 photo starwars8_zps946ae008.jpg

My oldest then led all the party guests in some lightsaber training. He did an incredible job teaching a whole series of moves. He did a lot of research beforehand and even had them all written down so he would know what he wanted to do next. I loved watching him :).

 photo starwars9_zps8f0aca1a.jpg

Once they were ready, Darth Vader (aka my 8-year-old) made his appearance. Each of the kids got to try out their new skills to see who was strong enough to defeat him. The birthday boy was the lucky one to finally knock Vader down:

 photo starwars10_zps378780e3.jpg
 photo starwars11_zps927a569e.jpg
 photo starwars12_zpsbb04326e.jpg

Kids then enjoyed a little cake and some "yoda soda":

 photo starwars6_zpsa703423a.jpg

... before getting back to the party games. We played bingo:

 photo December_0359_zps0c7f7845.jpg

a "Yoda says" game, "red lightsaber/green lightsaber", and a game where they took turns with a nerf gun trying to knock over an army of Lego clone troopers to save Princess Leia. Final game was a rowdy round of freeze dance, always a favorite of mine.

 photo starwars13_zps3d222a5e.jpg
 photo December_0391_zps2df0ad7f.jpg

Finally we sent the kids home with party favors ~ chocolate dipped pretzels to look like lightsabers and a bag with a pencil, notebook, pencil sharpener, and plenty of candy from the darth vader piƱata.

 photo starwars2_zpse1528452.jpg

It was a very fun party!

Some other fun ideas from mommylessons101 for Star Wars:

Star Wars cupcakes:
These were made with pull n' peel licorice for the light sabers.  We melted chocolate chips in a bowl and dipped the end of the licorice in them to create the handle.  Then we let them dry on a piece of wax paper.  Once they were dry, we laid them criss cross on a frosted cupcake.  The top of the cupcake tower is simply one of the boy's Star Wars toys!

Swim Noodle Light Sabers:
Cut a swim noodle in half.  Then simply add black duck tap to the bottom to create the "handle" look
and you have easy and safe lightsabers for the kids!

Everyone dresses up:
We invited party guests to dress up and got some very creative costumes because of it.  I must admit, little Yoda stole the show!

Thanks to our guest writer and sister, Heidi, for the beautiful party and pictures!
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