"Come as you Are" Breakfast Birthday Party!

Here's a quick and easy party you can throw together for any age and in very little prep time!

We invited the girls to a "come as you are" birthday party on a Saturday morning.  They arrived in pajamas and we virtually had the "morning after a sleepover" party {You could do this same party at night time as well, breakfast and all!}


Breakfast: Pancakes with all sorts of toppings (strawberries, whipped cream, blueberries, pineapple, chocolate chips, pie filling cherries, raspberries, etc.); fresh fruit; orange juice; bacon; muffins. {Rather than have a birthday cake, I actually put candles in a muffin.  Use a cupcake tower to spruce it up.}

Craft: Decorate Pillow cases with fabric markers {note: I found these cases at the Dollar Store!  And then just bought fabric markers at Walmart}

Games: Skittles Game {The guests each chose 3 skittles not knowing the reason.  I encouraged them to pick 3 different colors.  Then I pulled out the chart as shown below and they took turns sharing the item that their skittle represented.  This is a fun game regardless of how well you know eachother, but also great as an icebreaker game.  Red = Last book they read, Yellow= Embarrassing Moment, Orange= Favorite Thing About Summer or Something Fun They Were Doing This Summer, Green= Favorite Vacation or Dream Vacation, Purple=Someone you Admire or Look up to and Why?}

Sock Game {I had a pile of socks in the center of the group.  The guests sat in a circle and took turns rolling a pair of dice.  If they rolled a 7, 11 or doubles, they got to take a pair of socks from the middle OR one from a guest who had previously picked a pair.  If theirs is taken, they also can take one from the middle or one from another guest.  The game continues until everyone has a pair.  One rule we set was that each pair of socks could only be stolen twice and then they were "safe".  This is very much like the traditional Christmas White Elephant Game and a very fun one!}

"Cup Game": Not familiar with this?  A super fun game that you can even sing along to several fun tunes.  My daughter taught her party guests this game and they had fun, but mostly laughed at themselves.  I'll try to upload a video of her doing it, but for now, see an example here.

Telestrations {Fun version of the traditional "telephone" game but with pictures!}

Karaoke: We have youtube hooked up to our tv and this was so easy to do karaoke.  I just searched for karaoke songs ahead of the party and found songs the girls would be interested in and they had a blast all jamming to favorite songs.

Free Time to be silly and hang out!

Favor: Homemade Cornbags  -perfect for snuggling in your pjs and warming up morning or night!


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