P is for Pajama Party - Creative and Simple Birthday Party Theme

We had a Pajama Party all centered around the letter P (thanks to my friend Katie for the idea). The girls all showed up in pajamas and we virtually had a sleepover without them sleeping over. The order of activities:

1-Party music (karaoke)
2-Party games (Categories, Do you Love your Neighbor?)
3- Pizza and Pop
4- Polka-dot cake and pink ice cream
5- Presents
6 - Pinata
7 - Pillow making Project
8 - Princess movie with Popcorn and nail painting

Pretty simple, I know.  But it did the job.  I used strawberry whoppers for the polka-dots and some strawberry long candy that I found for the bows/ribbon.

Fingernails were a hit!
The pillows the girls all made.  I just cut squares of fleece fabric and fringed the edges.  The girls tied layed the two different fabrics on top of each other and tied the opposite ties together in a knot.  Then they stuffed the pillows with pillow stuffing and had a very easy gift to take home.

It was very fun. When I cut out all of the pillow squares in the morning, I realized I bought twice as much fabric as I needed, so I decided to make my daughter some pajama pants to match the pillows everyone made. She loves loves loves them and wears them whenever they are not in the wash.

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