D.I.Y Fabric Corn Bags

Have you seen corn bags before? If not, you are missing out.  If so, you will understand why my kids love them so much!  Last weekend, my mom and I made about 15 of these.  We raided her cottons and flannels for fun fabrics and had a great time.  They remind me of Hot Water Bottles that I grew up with.  Do you remember those?  I would fill a rubber bottle with boiling hot water and use it for the same purpose.  Although corn bags can be used to simply warm you up, which is a primary use in our house, they have also been used for earaches, cramps, back problems, muscle spasms, neck kinks, headaches, running pains, etc. You warm them up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and it can retain heat for 1-2 hour!

So here is how we made them.
Supplies needed:
Fabric (we cut two rectangles about 8" x 10" - this is very flexible based on what size you want).  You can use cotton or flannel.
Cardboard template to cut rectangles from
Feed Corn
We used feed corn and got it at our local IFA store.  It's not regular popcorn!  It will not pop when heated (normally!  Occassionally when first heating mine, I will hear one or two pops).

Using a rectangular piece of cardboard sized the way you prefer (mine was 8"x10"), place the cardboard on fabric and cut fabric to size.  Make sure the fabric is doubled so you get two rectangles.
Place right (brightly printed) sides of fabric together and sew around 3 sides of the fabric like you are making a pillow.  Then flip fabric right side out so you see the correct fabric on the outside.  

Fill pillow with feed corn.  About 2/3 full.  You don't want it bulging, but you want enough corn to heat up.

Sew the top opening closed and trim off all thread.

Voila!  You've got a cornbag.  It's as simple as making a pillow, but instead of stuffing, you put feed corn inside.  And it's much warmer.  Makes a fun Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter, Teacher Appreciation, Thank you, or Friend gift.


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