Ballerina {Ballet} Dance Birthday Party

My 5 year old had a ballerina birthday party - all pink, glittery, girly and full of dressing up and dancing. It was a very fitting for her personality at that age! 

The invitation read:
Come dance & twirl with the birthday girl!
It’ll be “tu-tu” much fun.
Curtain call is 10:30 a.m.
So be on your toes!

The girls were invited to come dressed up in their dance clothes if they wanted.  Here's the schedule for our Ballerina Dance Party which was very fun!
  • As they arrived, we got them ready to "perform". We painted their nails, put roll-on glitteron their face, gave them chapstick to put on {and then keep} and they made bead necklaces to wear {We got sheer ribbon and thread pastel colored beads onto it.  Very easy and very cute!}
  • Once they were ready, we took a picture with each party guest and the birthday girl and put them in cute pink frames we got at the dollar store as a party favor.
  • Games:
    1Where's the Slipper? {This pass-around activity requires you to wrap multiple layers of pink wrapping paper.  At the bottom of all the layers is one slipper and about half way through the layers is another slipper.  They unwrapped one layer of wrapping paper each time the music stopped. There were enough layers for each party guest to unwrap one time.  Half way through when they found one slipper, we reversed the direction the slipper was passing around the circle.  Eventually they found 2 slippers filled with mini tiaras for each girl to wear and keep}
    2.  Freeze Dance to Ballet Music {Swan Lake, Nutcracker, etc}.  The music plays and the girls dance.  Each time the music is stopped, the dancers have to freeze until the music begins again.
    3.  Mother May I? with Dance Steps.  The guests got to ask the "mother" if they could do various dance moves progressing towards the mother.  The "mother" could either say, yes you may or no, but you may.. {insert a different dance move}.  Eventually the child who got to "mother" first got to be the next "mother."
    4.  Guests learned a small dance routine from a ballet teacher and then performed it for a video, which can be given as a thank you video to each guest {We opted not to give the DVD since we did a framed photo and other fun gifts, but it would be fun!}.  A fun idea is to make a stage with large white sheets, gold stars and spotlights on the girls.  You can give each girl a flower at the end to congratulate them for their performance.
    5.  Simon Says {with dance moves}
    6.  Ballet Relay Game - We played a dress-up relay where the two teams raced against each other to see who could dress up and undress the quickest. Each group had a pile of dance clothes - a tutu, tiara, boa, tap shoes, wand, etc.  Then they had to tip-toe, spin, curtsie and leap back to the next person in line who would put the clothes on and repeat the steps.  At the end, every girl got a candy watch to wear for being so "speedy".

  • Cake and snacks: I served ballet slippers cake along with fruit kabobs, mini muffins, carrots, dip, and ice cream

I made this cake by baking a 9x13 cake and putting it in the freezer to harden.  When it was solid, I cut out the shape of 2 ballet slippers.  I frosted each slipper pink.  Then I took a star frosting tip and made the inside of the slippers with white frosting.  I took another frosting tip and did the dark pink piping along the outside of the white part and along the bottom of the shoes.  Finally I tied pink ribbon into 2 bows and put them at the end of each cake shoe and pink loops of ribbon at the top to look like toe shoe ribbons.
  • Pinata/favor bags came out of the ballet slipper pinata - at this point, the kids had received chapstick, tiaras, necklaces, and candy bracelets.  We put those inside the bags too, but also had candy, ballerina stickers, and nail polish.

It was "tutu" much fun! 

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