Easter Bunny Treats for Home or Class Parties!

My kids loved making these cute Easter bunny treats.  They are great for a family party, Easter dinner dessert or class spring and Easter parties.

Supplies needed:
Pink Snowballs (get these ahead of time!).  
If you can't find them at the grocery store, you can always look at gas stations.
Pull and Peel Licorice
Jelly Beans
M & Ms
White Cardstock Paper
Pink Crayon

1. Cut bunny ear shapes out of the white cardstock paper
2. Fill in the bunny ears with pink crayon
3. Poke bunny ears into the pink snowball to look like ears 
4. Cut pull in peel into 6 equal strands (I cut 3-4 strands out of one length of a pull and peel)
5. Press 6 pull and peel pieces into snowball to look like whiskers
6. Press jelly bean (pink is cute, but others work too) into the center of the snowball for a nose.
7. Press 2 M & Ms in the snowball for eyes.  You could use other round pink candy as well.

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