April Fool's Day Party and Tricks for Kids

My oldest threw a simple April Fool's Party for her friends a couple years ago and they had a blast! She made her friends "report cards" with failing grades and then had an invitation on them.  She also asked everyone to bring a prank along to share with everyone.  The pranks were really fun and innocent.

They played silly games for the silly holiday:
  • Simon Says (opposite style) - you only get out if you do the action WHEN Simon Says.  Kind of a tricky one!
  • Twister
  • Charades

  •  They each shared their own April Fool's Jokes. Some fun and innocent ones that my friend's daughter shared are:

    • Set back all clocks 1 hour
    • Make tap water colored
    • Place Saran wrap in inconvenient places (seats, doors, toilets, etc.)

    • Make fake nail polish spill
    • Swap cereal bags in boxes
    • Put on makeup or mustaches on sleeping victims
    • Replace deodorant with cream cheese
    • Rubber ducks in the toilet
    • Replace soap with syrup
    • Trap toothbrushes in frozen water in toothbrush cup
    • Place Bricks in backpacks
    • Decorate car to say “just married”
    Refreshments were dirt cups (chocolate pudding, crumbled oreos to represent dirt and gummy worms) and "lemonade" (yellow jello with a straw placed in it before setting).  She really tricked her friends with the lemonade!

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