April Fool's Day Activity - Foolish and Silly Dinner!

I didn't really love April Fool's growing up,
it was just a day to do silly pranks that I didn't really like.
But I have started getting into it since I had kids.
One year I pretended we were selected for
The Family Feud auditions in Boston.
I got a few people. 
It was kind of fun
since it was completely innocent.

When my kids were young, I wanted to make April Fool's Day a more enjoyable day.
So we started up the Foolish Dinner.

At first glance, you may think that manners have gone out the window at our house, but really it's just our April Fool's dinner. The kids loved eating hungry bear's treat (strawberries) with the milky way (spoon) or drinking freckled mist (pink lemonade) out of a bag because they forgot to order the holy grail (a cup) on the same course.
My second was laughing so hard when she had to eat Snowy Hawaiian Delight (White Alfredo Pasta) without utensils since she forgot to order King Triton's tool (fork) on that course!

So here's how we play each April Fool's Day...
I make up a menu of items.  My menu has adapted over the years.  I now have the kids put 1-5 by the main courses and 1-5 by the utensils.  Then each course they receive one food item and one utensil that may or may not match up.   A sample menu:

____     Slippery Shapes 
____     Hungry Bear's Treat 
____ Freckled Mist 
____ Gumball Stew
____ Papa's Cup of Tea

____ Life's Ladel
____ Road's Divergence
____ Mini Spear
____ Slow Sipper
____ A Deep Well

When they have labeled each section 1-5, the fun begins.  Serve each course one at a time.  They will receive their number 1 choice of main course and number 1 choice of utensils.  So if they choose slippery shapes (spaghetti) with a deep well (cup), then they have to eat spaghetti out of a cup.  When everyone is done with course one, go onto their number 2 choices.  Pretty fun and silly!

Here are some fun menu items I have had over the years (One of my favorite things is the that you don't have to do too much preparation - just use what you have!).  My sisters and I call each other and collaborate, so thanks to them for any of their ideas I borrowed below:

Snowy Hawaiian Delight - White Shell pasta
Drippy Doo - Water
Slippery Shapes - Spaghetti or Pink Tomato Pasta
Deep Well - Cup
Gumball Stew - Grapes
Texas House Special - Barbecue Chicken Rolls
Life’s Sustenance - Water
Papa’s Cup of Tea - Brownies
Yellow Polkadots - Corn
Musical Fruit - Beans
Red Ink (Fruit Punch) served with Newbie Necessity (bottle), Casual Crater (spoon) or Perfect Pail (cup)
Hawaiian Happiness - Pineapple
Squishy Surprise - Ice Cream
King Triton's Tool - Fork
Crispy Critters - Chicken Nuggets
Circle Heaven - Peas
Farmer's Helper - Fork
Slam Dunk - Spoon
Cut to the heart - Knife
Window Wipers - napkin
Little Dipper - Spoon
Rake - Fork
Weapon - Knife
Melted Snow - Water
Bach's Somersault - Chicken Rollups
Leprechaun Gold - Corn
Garden Goodness - Vegetables
Wasthington's Bounty - Apples
Grecian Delight - Olives
Cowboy Grub - Sloppy Joes
South of the Border Bites - Chips & Salsa
South Pacific Ring - Girl Scout Cookie Samoas
Jiggly Extract - April Fool's Juice (Jello)
Sleepy Time Quadrilateral - Napkin
Cylindrical Joy - Straw
Prong's Wand - Fork
Butter Blade- Knife
Scoop's Shloop - Spoon

**If the kids don't order the drink with the cup, I serve the drink in a baggie... And one warning.  After you have done this one year, your kids will get a little smarter on what to order.  So you'll have to get trickier!  

Definitely makes April Fool's a day to laugh about!

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