A Mom's Best Friend: The Little Green Machine and tricks for getting stains out!

Having either one of these:

Meant, I needed one of these:

as we call it, is my favorite friend.  I am ONLY sharing this product because it is tried and tested time and time again with my kids and my dog.  Remember the post about my 2 year old and his terrible messes?  This is the only thing that got the stains out of the carpet.

Friends came sledding the other day and tracked mud in the house.  This got the mud out.

Our dog's accidents are perfectly cleaned up by this.

2 year old potty training had an accident in bed.  This did the job.

My sweet boy carried his syrupy plate to the dishwasher, but spilled on the carpet on the way.  Completely got the sticky syrup out!

It is amazing.  It comes with a product, but even with warm water, this machine does a great job at getting deep into the carpet and stain.  When studying stains, the most important thing I found is to take care of it immediately (which I couldn't always wait for a carpet cleaner) and use water as much as possible.

So, if you are like me and have battled stains, I wanted to share my find with you. Because I only wish I had found it sooner!

Nothing has worked as consistently and effective for me than this machine, but also note that many everyday household products can help with stain removal too:
Nail Polish Remover
Rubbing Alcohol
(can bleach if your carpet is too dark, but it works well with darker stains like red things)
Dish Soap/Liquid Laundry Soap
(and you can try dish soap back and forth with vinegar)
Club Soda
hydrogen peroxide

Here's a great source I've found online that gives tips for stain removals

No stain remover will get out every stain, since every stain is different.  You may have to use more than one product or apply products more than once.  The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to treat the stain immediately. And for most stains acting quickly and water will do the most help to getting it out.  (That's why I like my little green machine, even without product, but simply warm water.)

Also, make sure you are not just cleaning the surface or it will return a few days later.  If you don't have a machine like me to do this trick, after you use warm water to remove the stain, use a towel to soak it all up, even putting something heavy on it over night to make sure it all comes up.


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