Rainy Day Fun: Cardboard Box Puppet Theater

The other day it was pouring rain, so our plans to go out were cancelled. Instead my kids decided to make a little puppet theater out of a piece of cardboard. All we did was cut a hole in the center of one side of what was left of an old cardboard box. Then the kids decorated the cardboard frame to create a puppet theater. I set up the theater on a table and draped a blue sheet behind it as a backdrop. It was a little unstable (because we didn't have the back to the cardboard box), but I just taped it down to the table while we were playing with it, and that worked. Then the kids took turns putting on shows. It was a fun collaborative project that all three of my kids enjoyed creating and playing with. This puppet theater wasn't as elaborate as the fabric theater I made for my kids a couple of years ago, but it did have an advantage in that it was small and portable. It may not last forever, but it was certainly a fun project to keep us all busy and happy on a rainy day.  (Want more ideas of what to build out of a cardboard box?  A fun and creative read is Christina Katerina and the Box!)

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